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Can I Exercise After a Tummy Tuck?

If you are considering having a tummy tuck done at The Kole Plastic Surgery Center, you may have questions about how soon afterward you can get back to your exercise routine. A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure, and as such, it is not to be taken lightly in terms of the recovery period and ensuring that you follow Dr. Kole’s post-operative instructions.

Physical Activity Soon After Your Tummy Tuck

The key is to take it easy when you resume physical activity. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I have given advice and instructions to innumerable patients about becoming physically active again after this procedure. Especially if you were used to a rigorous exercise regimen before your surgery, you will need to be patient in getting back to that.

Because you will experience soreness, discomfort and some pain within the first few weeks after your surgery, I generally recommend that patients restrict exercise to getting up and walking around the house. This is especially true during the first week. This mild activity is actually recommended to help your circulation. You can expand this to walking around the block when you feel up to it and increasing the frequency with which you walk. It’s important not to do any rigorous exercise during these first few weeks such as weight lifting, intense cardio or especially abdominal exercises.

When to Step Up Your Exercise Intensity

If your experience is like that of most of my patients, you should be able to step up the intensity of your exercise after four to six weeks. This can include stepping up your walking to jogging, swimming and cycling. These types of general cardio activities are best. You still don’t want to do any weight lifting or anything that specifically targets the abdominal muscles such as crunches or sit-ups.

The information above is general advice. You should always stay in touch with me throughout your recovery particularly if you feel you are having any difficulties. I may give you specific instructions about when you should start increasing your exercise intensity that will be tailored to your particular circumstances.

When Can I Do Weight Lifting and Abdominal Exercises?

About two to three months after a tummy tuck, most patients will be able to reincorporate exercises that target their abs into their workouts as well as doing more intense weight lifting again. Even then, you should start slowly when doing crunches or sit-ups since your abdominal muscles went through a lot with the tummy tuck.

I do need to stress that the recommendations above are generally applicable, but you should contact me at The Kole Plastic Surgery Center if you have any questions or concerns. Moderate physical activity starting after your surgery and then progressing from there as the weeks pass and your pain and soreness subside can get you back on track to the active lifestyle that will help maintain your new appearance.

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