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Exercise After a Tummy Tuck near Philadelphia and Bucks County

That tummy tuck you’ve always wanted was an overwhelming success and now you’re following the post-op instructions given to you by Dr. Kole as you wait for your abdominal area to fully heal.  You might be thinking about things you can do to make sure your abs stay tight, toned and flat after your tummy tuck. Tummy tuck surgery is removes excess skin and fat, along with tightening of the underlying abdominal muscles.  Moving around does help with recovering a bit sooner, but, it’s essential to be aware of the precautions and limitations connected with doing too physical activity immediately after a tummy tuck surgery.

It is Important to Rest and Spend Some Time Out of Bed

If you are healing from your tummy tuck then it is most likely you’ve wanted a tummy tuck for a while now.  Many patients ask about their physical activity during their initial post-op period while resting, as well.  Normally, patients are extremely sore for about three to five days after their procedure.  While going through these days, it is important to get out of bed at regular intervals and move around.  It is minimal movement and may be difficult but will be helpful.  Usually ten to twelve days after surgery, the tummy area is able to handle normal levels of daily activity.  After 5-7 weeks, light weight lifting can begin and cardio activity at home or the gym, to the comfort and tolerance level of the individual patient.

Exercise can be most helpful to you after tummy tuck surgery.  It is most important that all of your cardio and other exercise be practiced carefully because the abdominal muscles remain tender and can damage easily especially if overexerted too quickly after surgery.  It is important not to take any narcotics once you begin exercising.  When your pain is manageable or has ceased your use of pain medication is no longer needed.  After tummy tuck surgery and while feeling well enough to begin lightly exercising, these drugs and cardio activity can be a lethal mixture.  This drug usually numbs pain and that can make it difficult to know when your body is overexerted.

When doing cardio your blood pumps through your body quicker due to your elevated heart rate.  Normally it is okay to elevate your blood circulation, yet, when surgery has just occurred there is a higher risk for bleeding.  With a tummy tuck internal sutures could tear and cause a serious problem.   Slow and steady is how to get back in the game. Slowly build yourself back up to abdominal exercises.  Any workouts that single out abs and put stress on that area alone are a bad idea.  Lunges, crunches, planks, push-ups are all too intense when starting back up.  Again, slow and steady focusing on the tenderness and pain.  Avoid any internal tears or bleeding from vigorous exercise.

Dr. Kole will gladly discuss with you his exercise do’s and don’ts after your tummy tuck.  An individual timeline can be customized based on your follow-up visits to the office, when Dr. Kole is able to determine precisely how your healing is progressing.  Safety is of top priority and you will be able to exercise soon.  Dr. Kole understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness.

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