Because everyone’s immune system is different and everyone’s skin is different, all we can do is give an educated estimation. The average number of treatment to remove a tattoo is 4-6 for professional tattoos using the Picosure laser system. We use a number of criteria to make an educated estimation for any particular tattoo:

1) Density of ink – The more dense the ink, the more layers of ink are in the tattoo and the longer it will take to remove the tattoo. Amateur tattoos will almost always come out faster than professional tattoos as the density of ink is usually much less.

2) Location on the body – The closer to the center of your body, the faster the tattoo can be removed. Since there are more immune cells to remove your tattoo in center mass rather than your extremities, the tattoo is removed faster on your chest rather than your ankle.

3) Skin tone –In general, the lighter your skin tone, the faster we can remove the tattoo. Darker skin requires less laser energy to avoid lightening the skin thereby more treatments are needed.

4) Smoking –Smoking reduces your immune system thereby decreasing your immune systems effectiveness to remove your tattoo.