Dr. Kole performs breast reduction surgery using a technique that allows for the nipples  and areola’s nerve endings to remain intact, which allows nipples to maintain full sensitivity. This is performed by preserving the midsection of the bottom of the breast and a pedicle of tissue to preserve both the nerves and blood vessels.  However, a risk of this surgery is the  permanent loss of sensation if the nipple needs to be severed during surgery and replaced as a free nipple graft. This is only performed in rare cases when the pedicle length is so long that the blood vessels and nerves to the areola will get kinked.  For this reason, it is important to find a surgeon who is an expert in breast surgeries and specializes in all types of breast surgeries including breast reductions.  To find out more about the risks involved in breast reduction, call our office at 215-315-7655 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Edward S. Kole to discuss your concerns.