Women show signs of facial aging, with aging and gravity, as well as the skin’s loss of elasticity.  Usually, facial wrinkles, lines and folds become accentuated and deepen, which then show different aging progression, to several areas of a woman’s face and facial expressions.  A facelift is an elective cosmetic surgical procedure.  Most women consider a facelift, to be a rejuvenation of youth and spirit, brought back, by way of their facial appearance.  Plastic surgeons are frequently asked by women when the ‘right’ time is in their lives and what the ‘best’ age is to have a facelift.

Usually, when women start to become unhappy, with what they see in the mirror, or subtle changes no longer look appealing is when questions start to cross minds.  This is when thoughts of cosmetic surgery and procedures begin.  Honestly, there isn’t a ‘right’, ‘perfect’ or ‘best’ age to proceed with a facelift surgery.  The degree of aging and its’ onset is completely different for every individual.  Any and all undesirable signs of aging for women are based upon personal and hereditary factors; bone density loss and facial fullness, skin laxity with loss of skin elasticity. Additional factors that aggravate facial aging include but are not limited to:

  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Poor nutrition
  • Excessive sun exposure

With all individuals having their own unique aging pattern, the age that is best for you, depends upon your aging signs, your realistic expectations of post-surgical beauty and your acceptance that facial aging is a natural part of life.  Everything involved is relative to you, the individual.

When a facelift is performed at a younger age, 40s-50s, the results do tend to last longer, due to the facial tissue having more elasticity than in the following ten years.  During this specific age span, facial lines are not as deeply set, making it easier for Dr. Kole to achieve the most natural looking results.  Often, women have additional procedures, to compliments their entire look, during facelift surgery.  Procedures such as:  Eyebrow lift, Eyelid Surgery, Neck Lift and Neck Liposuction.  These additional procedures will be discussed thoroughly, at your complimentary consultation with Dr. Kole, as all surgeries are performed on a individualized basis, for each patient and their specific needs in order to achieve the most desired goals and outcome.  Should you choose to wait, until after your 50’s, feel comfortable knowing that women have facelift surgeries throughout many different age ranges.  The ultimate goal is to appear more youthful in the most subtle way possible, at whatever age you choose to have a facelift.

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