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How long does a tummy tuck last?

How long will your tummy tuck results last, once you have attained the flattering figure with contours, tight abs and a flattened belly, I know you must be wondering.  This concern comes up, in every tummy tuck consultation, along with the curiosity about future calorie counting, weight loss, weight gain, diet and exercise and if your tummy tuck results will last for a lifetime.  Choosing tummy tuck enhancement surgery is a personal investment in yourself and your appearance.  You must have chosen a healthy lifestyle and lost some amount of weight through diet, exercise and discipline in order to arrive at a place where excess fat and skin around your tummy can only go away through a plastic surgery procedure.

When you undergo a tummy tuck, with or without liposuction, it is not a replacement for weight loss and it does not keep you from gaining weight in the future.  It is true that if you go up and down with your weight over the years after a tummy tuck you may need to revise the surgery and re-tighten the skin.  Maintaining your healthy eating habits and regular exercise routines will keep your optimal surgery results.  Take advantage of your beautiful figure and do everything you can, in a healthy manner, to maintain how wonderful you look and feel from your hard work and the enhancement results.

After tummy tuck surgery, while your body is initially healing, you will feel abdominal tightness and pressure.  Your stretched muscles were brought together, re-positioned and sutured into a permanent place.  Internally, your organs and muscles are ‘talking’ back, as they get settled after this invasive surgery.  In actuality, there has been no work done on any of your organs.  Keep in mind, your stomach is not large and has not been altered, but, it sits behind your abdominal wall.  Because abdominal muscles are tight and sore, a temporary feeling of fullness will exist.  Even though your tummy tuck reduces the size of your abdomen and re-shapes your waistline and has very little to do with your stomach.  This time span is limited, early on.

For the few months, at max, that fuller feeling, after eating smaller portions than normal, occurs because of your expanding stomach situated behind your tightened abdominal muscles.  The muscles will relax and remain comfortable as healing continues.   A majority of patients believe this to be a great advantage to their tummy tuck, having a smaller appetite, at a time when exercise and exertion is limited.  Some patients become accustomed to eating healthy, smaller portions during meal time and continue this regimen on a permanent basis.

How rewarding to see and speak with patients who possess a renewed outlook and self-esteem from tummy tuck surgery.  The majority of long lasting results from tummy tuck surgery is determined by the patient.  Often, your optimal results can last a lifetime.  Kole Plastic Surgery recommends talking to him if you would like assistance in locating a fitness facility that suits your needs, as well as a nutritionist to help you preserve your procedure results.  Remaining healthy and maintaining good care of your body is an important part of daily life.

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