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How Men Can Get Six-Pack Abs with Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

We are in a time where men are increasingly relying on plastic surgery to refine the results of their exercise routines. There is no longer a stigma on male plastic surgery and since the late 1990’s plastic surgery for men has more than tripled, and abdominal surgeries, such as the male tummy tuck, are the most popular procedures.

We know the truth is that a sculpted midsection on a man is attractive and desirable, but getting those chiseled six pack abs takes a great deal of work and/or winning the genetic lottery. An abdominal workout routine and a proper, healthy diet is the best way to tone and tighten the abdominal muscles, but not everyone can achieve those rock hard, ultimate six-pack abs without a little extra help from their plastic surgeon.

Men Have Options Beyond Just Liposuction

When men first consult with Dr. Edward S. Kole at The Kole Plastic Surgery for ideas on how to better contour their bodies, they have the belief that their only option is liposuction to completely remove the fat. Fortunately for men wanting to slim their midsection, fat-reduction technologies have evolved over the years, and male patients have many more options, both surgical and non-surgical.

These advances not only benefit male patients but also open the door for plastic surgeons to develop innovative techniques that allow for more refined body contouring results. Cosmetic surgeons no longer simply remove stubborn, unwanted fat but sculpt and transfer the existing fat.

For men, this means that a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Kole can use a three-step approach to create the sculpted contours of six-pack abs.

The technique works best on men who are already healthy and fit but still have some remaining bulges and pockets of fat. First, existing excess fat is removed with liposuction to flatten the abdominal area. Second, Dr. Kole uses a special ultrasound device to sculpt the remaining fat and create the contours of your six-pack abs. Third, he uses the fat that was harvested via liposuction to add volume to areas that need more definition.

Guys, Work Those Abs!

Genetics can be our friend, or our worst enemy. Genetics not only determines muscle development but also how visible the muscles are on the outside of the body. Two men can be equally strong, but one man may have more visible contours simply because of his genetics. Maintaining a strong core is important, even if no one can see the shape of your muscles. That means you should be aware that abdominal contouring is not a replacement for exercise, but rather a cosmetic procedure that augments the results you have already achieved through your workout routine.

What If I Decided I Don’t Want Abdominal Surgery?

Not every man is comfortable enough to undergo plastic surgery to have a sexy, toned abs, so Kole Plastic Surgery offers several options that all produce exceptional results.

For those men who want to go a non-surgical route for ab sculpting, we offer CoolSculpting®. The treatment works by freezing fat cells from the fat layer under the skin. The process permanently destroys fat cells which are then eliminated naturally by the body. The treatment is performed quickly, usually in about 30minutes without the need for incisions or downtime.

Choosing The Best Option for an Ab Contouring Procedure

Overall, CoolSculpting® is recommended for men who want moderately defined abdominal muscles and a non-surgical option with minimal downtime.

For those who want to see dramatic improvement and don’t mind a surgical option, male liposuction is the best option. You will need to take three to four days to recover at home after your abdominal contouring.

In both cases, you will need to continue to exercise regularly to maintain the results. The fat cells are permanently removed from your abdominal area, but your body will find another area to store excess fat if you don’t maintain your weight. You could essentially end up with six-pack abs and a flabby backend if you fail to eat and exercise properly.

Genetics determines how your body looks with exercise, and you may not always like the results. If you struggle with achieving your dream six-pack abs, choosing an abdominal contouring procedure at the Kole Plastic Surgery Center with Dr. Edward S. Kole will be the right thing for you. Call our offices today at (215) 315-7655 to schedule a Free Consultation.

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