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How To I Remove The Unwanted Fat On My Body?

The parts that most women target with liposuction surgery are love handles, hips and the abdomen. If you are looking for a dramatic change in your overall body appearance, the first area that should come under scrutiny is the abdomen and hips area. Why? Because these are the areas which have the fastest recovery period, give a pleasing overall aesthetic appearance.

Although general liposuction can tighten skin to a minor degree, the great news is that the fat layer can be removed and the skin also tightened with the help of laser assisted liposuction which is known as SmartLipo®.

This operation is ideal for women, as they have softer and less fibrous fat tissue as compared to men and thus, it becomes much easier to remove. This is not to say that men cannot undergo SmartLipo® as well. Men benefit greatly with removal of the love handles and abdominal etching of a six pack into their abdominal wall.

As with any liposuction procedure, with this too, the ultimate goal is to produce and achieve an aesthetic and visually appealing improvement and naturally flat abdomen without the tell-tale signs of surgery.

Some Facts about SmartLipo® Surgery

After pregnancy, when the abdominal muscles are stretched out, thus causing the lower abdomen to bulge, most women require a tummy tuck to tighten the muscle and put them back in their correct anatomical position. Since the SmartLipo® or traditional liposuction only addresses fat, not muscles, if your muscles are weak prior to SmartLipo®, they will be weak after.

In contrast, majority of the women who have undergone SmartLipo® have received good results that are obtained by laser assisted liposuction as compared to other types of liposuction because the SmartLipo® also allows a degree of skin contraction and allows shorter recovery times without the need for IV sedation or General anesthesia..

Know About the Post Operative Care

You will be given a form fitting compression garment that should be worn up to 1 week to decrease the swelling of the area. Patients can also expect to see a blood tinged fluid coming out from the incisions. There’s nothing to worry about this development. The remaining fluid will drain out by itself and become absorbed by your body naturally.  You will be provided with super absorbent pads that will help absorb the fluid. This drainage technique is important when it comes to reducing edema.

The healing process will start from the next several days, when swelling, and firmness over the surgical site will gradually reduce. This process will take about 1 to 2 months total. At this time, new collagen will be produced which will lead to tightening of the operated area.

Minor restrictions are imposed when it comes to postoperative physical activity; in fact patients are advised to go out for short walks right from the evening of the day when the surgery took place but should not do heavy physical exercise for 7-10 days to decrease the rate of post-operative swelling and bleeding. Shower restrictions are also not in place. The patient can resume his/her natural showering routine or more so, following the day after surgery. Loss of fat and maximum skin tightening will take place and continue 4 to 6 months, during which the patient is advised to follow a proper and strict diet routine, exercise and weight loss program if necessary.

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