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How to Pick The Perfect Size Breast Implant For Your Body—Tips from an Expert

For many women, picking which size breast implant for their augmentation procedure can be as stressful as facing the procedure itself. Given that breast enhancement surgery is often elected because of dissatisfaction with breast size and shape, it is not a surprise that women carefully consider their ideal cup size. To help those who have decided to get breast enhancement surgery find the perfect size, Dr. Kole has compiled a list of tips to guide you in the right direction.

  • Decide what your ideal size is: This can be done by looking through magazines or photographs online and picking out what your ideal size and shape would be. Try to pick photos of women who share your similar body type. You should pick 3 photos that represent different sizes: one that is “too small”, one that is “too big”, and one that is “just right”.
  • You may be overestimating “How big”: If you have naturally small breasts and are a small-framed woman, you may desire large implants that are just too big. For individuals with more narrow shoulders and a thinner body, increasing your breast size more than 2 cup sizes may look “fake” and unnatural. Additionally, without ample breast tissue and skin to stretch over the implants, your breasts will have very little natural breast tissue to camouflage the implants and not only will you look “fake”, your breasts will also feel “fake”. In order to determine if your ideal size is practical, consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Edward Kole.
  • Do not be too conservative: While breast implants increase by increments of 25-30 cc’s, it is quite difficult for anyone besides your plastic surgeon to be able to notice a difference that small. A rule of thumb is that increments of less than 50 cc’s are not noticeable, so do not worry about jumping to a size too large by increasing a few cc’s—it takes more than 50 cc’s to make a noticeable volume change in breast size. By the way there are a little less than 30cc in an ounce.
  • Larger implants are also wider: If you have small breasts and a small frame, it is important to remember that the larger the implant, the wider your bust line will be after surgery. For women who are more curvaceous, you should also consider what a wider bust line will do to affect your overall physique. To determine your “base diameter”, Dr. Kole will measure the width of your chest, which will help determine which size and shape of implant will best fit your body.

Remember that the size of your implant should represent both your ideal preference of size and also a practical version of what looks and fits best on your body. You are not alone in making this decision: Dr. Edward Kole of The Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center and his staff are available during your consultation and surgery process to ensure that you end up with the perfect size breast implant.

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