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Does Your Plastic Surgeon Help You Choose Your Implant Size?

Does Your Plastic Surgeon Help You Choose Your Implant Size?

You know you want larger breasts and have started to consider or maybe even research “breast augmentation” or “boob job” on the internet. Now you have hit the question most women ask themselves when they know they want implants – what size breast implant is right for me?

The best way to get an answer to make the right size choice for your body is to understand how Dr. Kole determines final breast implant sizes. Here is some good advice to help you get the optimal breast size for your body.

Final breast volume = Starting breast volume plus implant volume

The volume of your breast implants after surgery is simply what you start with plus the size of the extra volume of the implant. Breast implant size is determined by volume in cc’s.

The “right volume” for any patient is determined ultimately by their bodily proportions, body type, and implant type used as well as patient preferences. If you haven’t noticed, breast implants don’t come in A, B, C, D sizes. This is because the volume doesn’t relate to cup size at all. 

In other words, a very thin tall model type body with a medium-sized breast implant would have more of a cup-sized increase than a fuller-bodied woman with the same size implant.

Breast Implant size:  Finding the Perfect Size

Breast implant size may not be measured in A, B, C, D cup sizes like you are used to but don’t make the mistake of choosing your potential breast implant volume based on an implant sizing chart.  That choice usually leads to picking the size of an implant you will most likely be dissatisfied with. 

Instead, try finding a good visual equivalent that gives both you and your plastic surgeon an initial starting point.  By using reference photographs you’re much more likely to end up communicating better with the surgeon and will ultimately lead to satisfaction with your breast augmentation surgery results. 

Let’s start the conversation with the simplest tool available: your own body.

Using the Crisalix Augmented Reality Breast Imaging System, we can scan your upper body using our 4D scanner. Using the high-resolution images, we can virtually give you any size breasts you wish.

Usually, Dr. Kole shows you a range of sizes, one that is too small, one that is too large then a range of mid-sizes of which you can choose the perfect size. The great part about this technology is that you can actually see the breasts as they would look on your body. 

See this video of how Crisalix works:

It’s important to remember this:  you will not end up looking exactly like the virtual re-creation, but it will be really close. Luckily, a skilled, expert plastic surgeon such as Dr. Kole can get you really close and very satisfied with your look. Remember, everyone’s breasts are different so that everyone’s final result will also be unique to you.

You can schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kole to discuss your breast implant sizing questions. Call our office in Southampton, Bucks County at 215-315-7655 today.

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