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I Want To Have My Tattoo Removed In As Little Time as Possible

Hundreds of thousands of people in America have tattoos made on various parts of their body, either as a style statement or because they want to keep a person or memory close to their heart. Whatever the reason for getting a tattoo; half of these people often start regretting their choice soon after.

So, are you also one of the people who are regretting their tattoos? Luckily, now you won’t have to keep a permanent reminder of your mistakes etched on your skin with the help of PicoSure, a highly effective and efficient laser technology for tattoo removal that is complete in only a few sessions!

How Does This Technology Work?

PicoSure is a laser tattoo removal technology that is the most effective and non-invasive method when it comes to safe removal of tattoos, as compared to previous technologies. The lasers are directed at the tattoo ink which resides just under the skin and is hard to remove from any other method. Different wavelengths of light are targeted towards the tattoo in order to remove each color separately, by breaking them down into much smaller ink fragments. These are then removed via the body’s natural cleansing process, which takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

In addition to this, this is the only technology that helps removes unwanted tattoos in a fast and efficient manner. In fact, if you wish to remove or cover an unwanted tattoo, this treatment can do it in about half to a third of the sessions as compared to earlier laser technologies that are still being used today. Still not sure which route to take to remove that pesky, old tattoo? Following are some facts that will help you make up your mind!

Picosure Facts

  • This laser tattoo removal technology is FDA approved since December 2012
  • Kole Plastic Surgery Center is one of the very few practices that offer safe PicoSure tattoo removal technology in the Philadelphia area.
  • A faster laser equals to a much quicker clearing and removal of the tattoo ink
  • Far less time and sessions are needed to completely remove the tattoo, as compared to other existing laser technologies.
  • It is easily able to remove even the toughest of colors, i.e. blue, green, yellow and orange.
  • Studies done on the subject of complete and quick tattoo removal in all technologies, both old and new, found that PicoSure tattoo removal has more than 75% clearance rate in only a few treatments.

It’s very easy to erase your tattoo, with the help of PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal so that you do not have to live with it forever. So, what are you waiting for? Call Kole Plastic Surgery of The Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center at 215-315-7655 and schedule a complimentary consultation!

The Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center is located at [primary_address], [primary_city at the crossroads of Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia area. Dr. Kole personally evaluates and performs all laser treatments himself.

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