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Lasers… Not Just in Sci-Fi!!!

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Lasers are cool, they are the wave of the future, something you see on Sci-Fi TV or in action movies but guess what…they are used all the time in the cosmetic and aesthetic world as well.  Don’t worry they won’t vaporize you!!

Truth be told, lasers are not those scary dangerous light beams that you imagine. They are used for many common cosmetic procedures. Dr. Kole utilizes laser therapy for Laser skin resurfacing which includes acne scar removal, tattoo removal, hyperpigmentation removal, skin revitalization and tightening. He uses a PicoSure® laser, the most advanced laser in the world, to rejuvenate skin, diminish acne scars, treat hyperpigmentation and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

This a PicoSure® laser treatment penetrates below the skin’s surface to repair damage by encouraging the body to produce elastin and collagen which are needed to give you that smooth wrinkle free look and glow.

If I Could Turn Back Time, If I Could Clear My Skin 

Want to turn back time then skin revitalization and tightening is for you, get rid of those crow’s feet, smile, and frown lines, and all those wrinkles around your eyes and mouth to name a few.

Got those pox mark scars from bad acne. BOOM laser that skin to look smoother and drastically reduce those ugly scars.

Tattoos gone wrong… we all make bad choices with body art or maybe you just don’t like that tattoo anymore.  Don’t worry, Laser treatment is for you. The PicoSure® laser gets rid of that bad ink more thoroughly in less time, less treatments and less pain.

You are not a shirt…you don’t need polka dots!! As men and women age everyone will develop hyperpigmentation which is darkening of the skin from increased melanin production (Melanin is what causes skin pigmentation).   Most commonly this is from sun exposure, however it can be caused by many other things. So, whether you have hyperpigmentation from birth or have liver spots, sunspots or dark spots nobody besides a cheetah wants spots so get that laser treatment and say cheetah hands be gone.

Zap Zap That’s a Wrap

So, what’s the skinny on laser treatment? Does it hurt? How many treatments do I need? Can I go back to my life quickly or is this a long recovery? 

Laser treatments are generally painless. If a Laser procedure causes some prolonged discomfort during the treatment, you may be able to have a topical or under skin injectable numbing agent applied. Don’t worry, Dr. Kole will talk to you about all this prior and discuss if the numbing is necessary.

Some procedures will only require 1 treatment to see results but depending on how deep your scars/wrinkle are or how hyperpigmented your skin is, you may require a few treatments. Most laser treatments last about 15- 30 minutes so minimal interruption to your day and post treatment recovery is generally short.

Now that we are on the same wavelength about the benefits of the Laser, call Dr. Kole to zap those lines, spots, and scars away and amplify and illuminate that skin of yours.

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Dr. Edward S Kole has advanced medical training in lasers and laser safety and a distinguished record of success in aesthetic medicine. Dr. Kole is also one the few plastic surgeons in the area where he actually teaches other physicians laser treatments and laser safety.

Learn about all laser options available at The Kole Plastic Surgery Center. Contact us today at 215 354-1010 to schedule your personal complimentary consultation.

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