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Male Face Lift Facts n Philadelphia and Bucks County PA

More men are looking for a rejuvenated and younger look once signs of new or advanced stages of wrinkling and sagging appear upon their necks and lower parts of the faces.  The male facelift can assist in taking some years off and your appearance and also minimize flaws found by the mouth corners, lips, as well as the eyelids can also be corrected.  Often men want to know the how great their enhancement will be after healing.  That amount varies from person to person, but, it normally depends on the amount of sagging and wrinkling that was there prior to surgery.  If a patient presents with a lot you may see a huge change, however, if your facial aging was on the minimum side then it is likely that your outcome will look more understated.  Either way, the natural effects that gravity has on the face, due to aging, can be slowed quite a bit.

Some general rules of candidacy for male facelift surgery are the following:

  • Patients need to be in good overall health
  • Patients should be in good emotional health to handle realistic goals and expectations
  • Patients in the process of losing a large amount of weight should attain that goal and then proceed
  • Ability to avoid strenuous activity for two weeks while healing
  • Non smokers

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Kole Plastic Surgery has been performing Rhytidectomies on men for nearly 20 years. Not only does Dr. Kole have the extensive training and certification that is required to become and remain a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kole believes safety is first priority.  There are several techniques for facelifts.  Based on your discussion in a complimentary consultation, a tailored procedure will be planned.  Your surgical plan will also be based upon your concerns about specific changes, if any, to the shape of your nose, jaw and cheek area.  Most men don’t want to make large changes, in order to keep their features masculine, while others want to make their features look more masculine.

Because men have thick facial skin and a larger supply of blood, it is very important to have a skilled surgeon perform your facelift.  Also, men don’t wear make-up or tend to have long hair, thus, putting incisions in the perfect place to hide faint scarring, that will remain is a factor, along with hairlines that recede, as well.  Dr. Kole will carefully examine and determine which way your beard comes in because he will be pulling some skin behind your ears and you will most likely in that area.  Your facelift usually takes about 2 ½ to 3 hours.  If you have any procedures in conjunction the time will lengthen.  General anesthesia is administered through an IV line.  You will be asleep throughout your entire surgery while attached to monitors at all times and monitored by a Board Certified anesthesiologist.

When surgery is complete full monitoring will continue in the recovery area from 1—2 hours.  You might have some pain, minor nausea and chills.  Any of these symptoms are normal and can be remedied with medications or extra blankets.  It is mandatory to have another adult there to drive you home.  You will be given instructions from Dr. Kole and prescriptions to help tolerate any pain, if needed.  After your male facelift, recovery towards a rejuvenated facial appearance won’t be long.

Please contact The Kole Plastic Surgery Center at 215-315-7655 to schedule your complimentary consultation with Kole Plastic Surgery.  Our Office and Licensed Ambulatory Surgical Center is conveniently located at:  1122 Street Rd STE 100, Southampton, PA 18966.

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