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Male Liposuction for Your Turkey Neck and Double Chin in Philadelphia, PA

Double chins and turkey necks are very bothersome to many men. It is downright disturbing when you want a nice profile but can’t attain that goal. There aren’t any exercises to get rid of sagging skin and extra fat building up in the neck and chin area. Many male patients want to perfect their profile, which is a great part of looking and feeling younger. Undergoing liposuction to rejuvenate the chin and neck areas will remove extra fat, condense skin and help create a contoured and smooth profile. Some men never had the profile they’ve always wanted, while others, had a refined profile until aging and gravitation took over.

When liposuction is used to enhance the neck and chin, local anesthesia or intravenous sedation is used and the patient remains awake if local anesthesia is used or sedated if sedation is used during the procedure. Normally, a tiny incisions is placed under the chin and behind the earlobes in order to insert a small tube inside. This tube allows a special fluid called tumescent fluid containing salt water and a dilute anesthetic to be injected into the fat pocket of the chin and neck. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Kole Plastic Surgery, slowly moves the suction tube, known as the cannula, to specified areas in order to remove the extra fat with expert precision. Using Tumescent Liposuction creates a safer, more permanent chin enhancement. This procedure takes about one hours depending on the extent manipulation, chin and neck contouring and fat removal. Pain is minimal and because incisions are small, your healing produces tiny scars. Most patients are able to get back to work or their daily routine within 48 hours.

Additional benefits of tumescent liposuction when used to get rid of the male double chin and turkey neck are the following:

  • Greatly reduced wrinkles and sagging
  • Sculpted and tightened skin
  • Permanent fat removal
  • Look younger and slimmer
  • Customize correction of problem areas

If you have good skin tone then sagging skin should not return after your procedure. Some patients who cannot get rid of all sagging through this procedure are those with thin and wrinkled skin or very lax due to a dramatic loss of weight. Additional procedures can be performed in conjunction with chin and neck tumescent liposuction, such as a Neck Lift, a Male Facelift and even Chin Implant. When flabby skin is a problem that liposuction won’t fully correct Dr. Kole will share what other corrective facial enhancements would be of benefit to you.

People with good skin tone will not experience sagging skin after the surgery, which is another benefit of the Tumescent liposuction technique. This procedure is designed to promote skin tightening as the fat is removed. You will usually see an improvement in skin tone and firmness. Patients who experience optimal results are at their normal weight or no more that 25% above their normal weight, an overall healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis.

There will be some discomfort, pain, swelling and bruising after surgery. A compression garment, similar to a headband, must be worn for 3—4 days to help with swelling and bruising. You will be limited from strenuous activities for about a week. Stitches aren’t used for this liposuction procedure and the small incisions close on their own very quickly. Your regular washing and facial shaving may resume after 48 hours. After liposuction for the male double chin and neck, you will feel younger, more confident and love your newly refined profile.

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