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Centrally located in Southampton, PA and serving Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties, The Kole Plastic Surgery Center performs Kybella™ treatment for patients seeking a non-surgical way to eliminate their double chin.

What is Kybella™? How does it work?

Kybella™ mimics a chemical found naturally in your body known as deoxycholic acid, which is important for helping you absorb fat. This substance works by killing fat cells at the injection site, providing a fast, minimally invasive alternative to liposuction for the treatment of excess fat around the chin.

Prior to its approval by the FDA, Kybella™ underwent two American clinical trials involving over 1,000 participants. Over 80 percent of the Kybella™ recipients reported a noticeable reduction in fat beneath their chin.

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Are you considering liposuction for your double chin? Now you have an alternative, thanks to Kybella™ treatments by board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kole. He helps men and women like you in Southampton, PA, Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Montgomery County and surrounding areas of Bucks County, PA, who want to remove excess fat under the chin and along the jawline. To learn more about Kybella™, contact us to schedule a personal consultation.

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