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Men Are Looking Younger with Eyelid Surgery

Men Are Looking Younger with Eyelid Surgery

Aging is a part of life. As men age, the areas around the eyes are early indicators as to how their facial skin will continue contributing to their aging appearance. Often male patients share that their appearance of aging skin seems to develop quickly and before they look older than they feel. 

This is true for many men. It is contributed to by the frequent and natural motion of the eyelids and the surrounding muscles. Also the skin is thin and not as resistant to loss of elasticity and wrinkling as other areas on the face and body.

Changes that are seen in the aging men’s eyelids are normal with the development of extra eyelid skin and hooding, bulging lower eyelid fat and loose skin rolls, along with wrinkles that exaggerate towards the crow’s feet area in the outer part of the eye area.

Most of The Kole Plastic Surgery’s male patients that come in to discuss surgical correction of the eyelids do so when they are further along in their chronological aging process. Most will have eyelid aging changes that are in a more advanced state. 

The average male patient is usually in their mid-50’s with more enhancements needed during their Blepharoplasty, the medical term for eyelid lift surgery. Many men wish to improve their tired look, get rid of wrinkles and sagging, alleviate the heavy appearance created by extra upper eyelid skin and correct swollen lower lids.

A common concern many male patients share is that they will look unnatural or have a look of being operated on when they are recovered. They all seem to suggest that celebrities look terrible and they do not wish to look that way. Men having eyelid enhancement surgery look for comfort in a guarantee that their post-op appearance of fakeness will be avoided.

Dr. Edward Kole is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has mastered the techniques to provide a natural look for male blepharoplasty patients. The key is to avoid excessive skin removal, creating an overly tight look. Dr. Kole believes it is better and more natural looking if there are a few wrinkles that remain with a bit of aging still present. This method also reduces the risk of dry eyes in older male patients, who are at a higher risk for this side effect of Blepharoplasty.

Patients usually develop a noticeable amount of bruising and swelling, especially of the lower lids. Typically, it takes approximately two weeks to subside, before looking non-surgical and a full 3-4 weeks until you will look completely healed and presentable. Any eyelid incision redness should be gone within six weeks. 

You will have a successful and natural-looking younger appearance resulting from corrections to your eyelids and the areas close by. Men who have eyelid skin that is loose and any fat bulges while in their thirties or mid-forties should check into corrective measures sooner rather than later. Appearance enhancement for male eyelids doesn’t have an age minimum or maximum and the outcome is met with great optimism.

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