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Men Elect Surgery for Six-Pack Abs in Pennsylvania

The quintessential feature of a healthy and young man is a set of six-pack abs.  Having accentuated abdominal muscles signals to others that you are healthy and fit and that you care about the way you look to others.  Unfortunately, getting a six-pack through diet and exercise is more difficult than it sounds.  As men age, the lean muscle around the stomach and flanks begin to become covered by fat deposits settling in the mid-area of a man’s body.  Men develop rounder stomachs, “love handles”, and softer chests as they age.  They loose the sculpted musculature they once had, and it is difficult through diet and exercise alone to regain that youthful six-pack.

Liposuction is an option for men who want to recreate a sculpted six-pack in their stomach area.  Men who are in good health and who want to sculpt their abdominal region to expose their natural muscle are excellent candidates for liposuction.  Dr. Kole and  The Kole Plastic Surgery Center specializes in liposuction for men, and understands how difficult it is for men to keep up appearances while juggling a job and a family.  For this reason, he offers liposuction for men to expose and accentuate their abdominals to recreate their youthful and masculine appearance.

Dr. Kole practices a variety of liposuction techniques, and he meets with each individual patient to decide which technique is best to get the optimal desired results of surgery.  Depending on your desired look, you may have Power-Assisted Liposuction, Tumescent Liposuction, Laser Liposuction or a combination of different types of liposuction in order to efficiently remove the extra unwanted fat from the stomach and love handles area to create six-pack abs.  The procedure removes fat around the musculature of the stomach using small tubes called cannulas.  Dr. Kole utilizes a technique that is minimally invasive and uses tiny holes that are nearly invisible to remove fat.  This results in a shorter recovery period and an easier transition back into daily life.  Most men will experience some soreness that can be treated with pain medication, and other side effects such as uneven contouring or a surgical infection are extremely rare at The Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center.

Having a six-pack can be an incredibly motivating factor for helping men recommit to a healthy lifestyle.  Additionally, a flatter and more toned stomach contributes to greater self-esteem and an overall younger and stronger feeling for men.  For more information on liposuction for six-pack abs, call the Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center at 215-315-7655 and consult with Dr. Kole about the options available for you.

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