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Neck Liposuction for Men in Bucks County and Philadelphia

One of the main contributors to men looking older than they are is excess fat around the neck area.  Even if the rest of your body is slim, a rounder face and neck can make you appear heavy and overweight.  For men who wear a shirt and tie to work, fat around the neck is pushed up, making the face look rounder and creating the appearance that clothes do not fit properly.  Additionally, fat around the neck creates a double chin and can hide other pleasing features like a prominent chin or chiseled jaw line.  For these reasons, men have been electing liposuction for the neck to remove excess fat for a slimmer and more proportional neck.

Men with good skin elasticity and excess fat in the neck and chin are great candidates for neck liposuction.  When fat is removed, the skin appears tighter and the jawline and chin are more visible.  For men with excess or sagging skin, other procedures such as a facelift might be recommended in addition to or instead of neck liposuction.  In your consultation with Dr. Kole, he will take the time to analyze the fatty tissue and underlying bone structure and musculature to determine which options would be best for your neck surgery.

Dr. Kole, who specializes in male cosmetic surgery, has had great success with neck liposuction and neck contouring for men.  The procedure consists of a number of small incisions under the chin and behind the earlobes.  Fat is removed using small suctioning tubes called cannula.  Dr. Kole will contour the neck to the patient’s desired look, accentuating his best facial features and reducing the excess fat.  After surgery, patients will be slightly bruised and sore, and should rest for a few days.  After that period of time, patients are able to resume normal activity, and all discoloration and soreness should subside within 10 days.  Patients will be left with a slimmer neck and a more accentuated facial profile.

During your consultation, Dr. Kole will assess if liposuction is best for you, and will explain the procedure, recovery, and expected results.  Please call to schedule a consultation at 215-315-7655 or visit our website to find out more about liposuction for men or other male cosmetic procedures.

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