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If you’re considering undergoing any sort of cosmetic surgery, you need an experienced surgeon that you can trust. Dr. Kole has been in private practice since way back in 1998. He currently runs the Kole Plastic Surgery Center where you can get an array of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures.

What Types Of Surgical Procedures Does Dr. Kole Perform?

Dr. Kole is a fully-licensed plastic surgeon serving the Jamison, Pennsylvania area. He offers a wide variety of both cosmetic-based and reconstructive surgery for his plethora of clients. When it comes to picking the right surgical procedure for you, a simple consultation with Dr. Kole will help you find it. The most common types of cosmetic surgery that he performs throughout the year include:

Face And Neck Lifts – This type of plastic surgery in Jamison, PA is performed to reduce the effects of aging on the skin. This procedure focuses on reducing wrinkles around the face and neck.

Tummy Tucks – Getting rid of excess fat pockets around the abdomen isn’t always possible with diet and exercise. A tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that can help to get rid of those excess fat pockets.

Rhinoplasties – Changing the shape of the nose is possible with a rhinoplasty procedure. This may also be performed to correct problems with the actual functioning of the nose, such as a deviated septum.

Breast Augmentations – This surgery focuses on altering the shape and / or size of the breasts.

Lip Fillers – This type of procedure is done to enhance the overall appearance of the lips. The results are fuller and more aesthetically pleasing lips.

Eyelid Surgeries – As you age, lower eyelids can get baggier. This type of eyelid lift can help to reduce this effect of aging.

Ear Surgeries – This surgical procedure is aimed at correcting aesthetic imperfections of the ears.

Mommy Makeovers – This type of surgery includes multiple cosmetic surgical procedures into one. These include a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

Is Plastic Surgery Right For Me?

Deciding whether or not to have plastic surgery performed is typically a personal decision. In some cases where trauma has created an abnormality in the body, reconstructive surgery may be necessary to restore the actual function of the body. However, there are cases where a client may wish to have cosmetic surgery performed to alter the existing shape of their body. If you’re considering plastic surgery to correct imperfections in your body, it’s a good idea to sit down with Dr. Kole to discuss your options and potential outcomes.

Is Plastic Surgery Safe To Have Done On My Body?

Plastic surgery is just like any other type of surgical procedure when it comes to risks. There is always a slight risk of surgical complications that can happen. When you sit down with Dr. Kole for your pre-surgical consultation, he will discuss the specific risks associated with the procedure you’re planning on having done. He’ll optimize pre, during, and post-surgery instructions to reduce your risk of surgical complication.

Why Choose The Kole Plastic Surgery Center?

The Kole Plastic Surgery Center allows you to have cosmetic and reconstructive surgery performed on your body outside of a hospital environment. All of the plastic surgery procedures we offer are done in-house. Most of them allow you to go home the same day the surgery takes place. The Kole Plastic Surgery Center was first opened in 2005 by Dr. Kole and has since created a lasting reputation as one of the best cosmetic surgery centers in Jamison, PA.

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