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Pregnancy After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Many women want to know if they must wait until they are finished having their last child in order to be a candidate for a tummy tuck.  Patients want to have children, yet don’t know when that will occur, nor do they have plans for such in the near future and they want a tummy tuck.  There are worries that having a pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery will cause harm to the mother, the unborn child or both.  Women read everywhere that they shouldn’t have a tummy tuck until their family is complete.  There are so many patients that come to The Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center who are interested in abdominal contouring enhancement surgery to improve their bodies and have not a clue what their future has in store for them.  Whatever their age, there are women who want to have tummy tucks, yet, want to know how that procedure will affect their bodies when and if they get pregnant in the future.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Kole Plastic Surgery advises that proceeding with a tummy tuck prior to any previous pregnancies should be well thought out, though, all invasive cosmetic procedures, specifically pertaining to the body, needs to be cautiously considered, when thinking about a future pregnancy.  Of course pregnancy affects the body.  With each one your body goes through, a woman adds weight as the baby grows through the months.  Your body changes, differently, with each pregnancy, if there is more than one.  There is rotation of pelvic bones, pulling of many muscles and new fat pockets develop.  Because a tummy tuck gets rid of extra fat and skin from the abdominal area, providing a flatter, tighter tummy, you will probably witness an undoing of your tummy tuck after delivering a child or having surgery, commonly known as a cesarean section, in order to safely deliver your child.

Let it be known, if you do have tummy tuck surgery before ever having a pregnancy, there is nothing involved with the procedure or your internal body that will cause you and your child any danger, at all.  Pregnancy after a tummy tuck does not cause any negative medical affect for you or the baby.

Your fatty tissue around the abs will be stretched out, causing a similar abdominal configuration you once had prior to your tummy tuck.  But, please remember that a tummy tuck will not affect your success with getting pregnant.  It is true you might need another tummy tuck or at minimum a tummy tuck revision.

Every cosmetic enhancement procedure alters the appearance of your body.  A pregnancy will do just the same.  If you are seeking out a tummy tuck and are not near the time in your life, where pregnancy seems to be in the picture, you should absolutely move forward with the surgery.  Remember that a tummy tuck won’t interfere with your future pregnancy plans in a detrimental way.  Your tummy tuck will last for years to come and provide the silhouette figure you’ve been wanting for a long time.  You don’t have to wait until after pregnancy nor should you.

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