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An attractive female form is defined as having graceful contours, but many women face challenges when trying to use undergarments to reduce unwanted rolls of fat and skin. One of the most difficult areas to create gentle, natural contours is on the back along the bra line. Clothes that are intended to highlight the beauty of the female body can accentuate the problem, and women are left with two options — wear loose-fitting clothes or shaping undergarments that are uncomfortable and restrictive, especially in warm weather. Fortunately, you have a better solution at the Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center.

What Causes the Rolls Along My Bra Line?

You naturally have extra skin in your armpit, shoulder and back areas to allow for a full range of motion. Without the additional skin, you would not be able to lift your arms over your head or do other day-to-day activities. Like other areas of your body, the skin is prone to stretching and sagging as you get older. The effects of gravity make the loose skin hang down in rolls and layers. Your bra actually makes the problem more pronounced by creating a restrictive band across the area.

Anatomy Determines the Severity of Bra Line Rolls

The severity of the rolls along your bra line is affected by several aspects of your anatomy, namely:

  • Skin quality and type. People who have more elasticity to their skin will typically have less significant rolls along the bra line.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI). A higher BMI is related to women who have more fat on their bodies, so they tend to have more significant rolls along the bra line.
  • Recent Significant Weight Loss. Women with a healthy BMI may have the problem if they have lost a significant amount of weight. Carrying extra weight for a prolonged period of time will stretch the skin to the point where it no longer contours to the body.
  • As we get older, our bodies produce less of the vital nutrients that the skin needs to stay supple and youthful, such as collagen and elastin.

Eliminating Rolls Along the Bra Line at Kole Plastic Surgery Center

If you have a relatively small amount of fat in the back and shoulder area as well as adequate skin elasticity, rolls along the bra line can be reduced with:

  • VASERLipo® ultrasonic liposuction.
  • Power-assisted liposuction.
  • SmartLipo®, a liposuction technology that combines heat and pulsing water.

When compared to traditional liposuction, these fat removal technologies offer women greater results by reducing fat and tightening the skin in one procedure.

If you have loose skin resulting from massive weight loss, surgery is the best option. The hanging skin on the back and arms is removed, and liposuction may be used to remove any bulges of fat.

Schedule a consultation at the Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center to learn more about eliminating those unsightly rolls along your bra line. In no time, you will have beautiful contours to accentuate with attractive, form-fitting clothes any time of year!