This holiday season, visit Dr. Edward S. Kole and learn about the various ways that he can help you look your best for the upcoming holiday parties. Dermal fillers are a safe and highly effective way to not only turn back the hands of time, with a more youthful looking face, but to weather the storm over seasonal indulgences!

You want to look your best at all your holiday parties this year and your face is your best first impression. In fact, it is commonly accepted that facial appearance can have far reaching effects on self- esteem or even our careers. Plumping up a downturned mouth creates a cheerier expression and therefore a more positive look and first impression.

Dermal Fillers can help under-eye circles, thinning lips, facial contours and volume replacement, Dr. Edward S. Kole will guide you to choose the right filler for you. At The Kole Plastic Surgery Center we offer a wide variety of facial fillers and customize, skin rejuvenation plan for each patient. Dr. Kole offers these as non-surgical options because most fillers use substances that are naturally occurring in the body and develops the volume and elasticity of the skin.  Dermal Fillers containing hyaluronic acid proteins are used to replace the natural proteins lost with age and add volume, taking years off your appearance. The procedure is fast and nearly painless and lasts for up to a year.

The results from injectable fillers are subtle yet dramatic, and with an experienced surgeon like Dr. Kole, very natural and symmetrical appearing. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform these delicate injections is vital, as they are up to date on the best techniques to use to achieve to most natural-appearing and beautiful result.