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Knowing the Difference Between Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Many people believe that fine lines and wrinkles are the same. However, both of these distinguishing facial features are different. Not only do fine lines and wrinkles appear in different parts of the face but there are also different ways to treat these facial features.

Fine Lines

Fine lines are superficial facial features that only appear in the topmost part of the skin. These facial features begin to form in a person’s early twenties or thirties. Fine lines tend to develop around the eyes and the mouth.

Causes of Fine Lines

Fine lines are caused by a number of factors including:


  • Smoking

Drinking from a Straw

  • Drinking from a Straw

Sun Exposure

  • Sun Exposure

Reptitive Facial Expressions

  • Reptitive Facial Expressions

Fair Skin

  • Fair Skin


  • Genetics

How to Treat Fine Lines

There are a number of ways to treat fine lines including:

Adapoting health habits

  • Adapoting health habits including not smoking, drinking less and eating a number of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Get skin care treatments botox Southampton services.

  • Get skin care treatments. At Kole Plastic Surgery, we provide a number of botox Southampton and botox Southampton services.

Chemical peels

  • Chemical peels can help remove dead layers of skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


Wrinkles are fine lines which deepen into the skin. These features begin as fine lines are left untreated for years of decades. Wrinkles can enhance the appearance of aging on the face. Wrinkles tend to form on the corner of the mouth and on the nose.

Causes of Wrinkles

There are a number of causes of wrinkles including:


  • Aging

Environmental Factors

  • Environmental Factors

How to Treat Wrinkles

There are a number of ways to treat wrinkles including:

Dermal Fillersfacelift Philadelphia services

  • Dermal Fillers- At Kole Plastic Surgery, we offer facelift Philadelphia services that include dermal fillers that can deduce or eliminate the appearance of wrinkles.


  • Injectables- Kole plastic Surgery can also provide FDA approved injectable treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Chemical Peels

  • Chemical Peels- In addition to reduce the appearance of fine lines, chemical peels can also help treat wrinkles.

Remove Fine Lines and Wrinkles Today

You don’t have to let fine lines and wrinkles define your face. At Kole Plastic Surgery, we offer mini facelift Philadelphia, lip augmentation Philadelphia and lip injections Southampton services. Contact us today for a consultation to learn how we can bring out the best in your face.