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Microdermabrasion is a simple procedure that is used on a wide scale, having migrated to the mainstream from Hollywood. Basically, it is a procedure where the medical professional will sand the surface of your skin to exfoliate and remove any dead or damaged skin. This is usually done with aluminum oxide crystals, the common ingredient of sandpaper- kind of like sandblasting. Typically, application of the procedure is restricted to your face, neck, chest, arms and hands. Yet, having made the decision to go through with a microdermabrasion, what care do you need to take before and after the process? Here is a guide on that.
Things to do Pre Procedure
Picking out the Medical Professional
The first thing to do before undergoing a microdermabrasion procedure is choosing the correct medical professional for your cause. When you are selecting a person you are most comfortable with, you need to take into account three distinct factors:

  • Their Education
  • Their Experience
  • Customer Reviews

Only a person who has all of the above going for them should be chosen as your medical professional. Kole Plastic Surgery is your medical professional at The Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center.
Consulting with the Medical Professional and Following what they ask for
Once you have zeroed in on the person who’ll perform the microdermabrasion procedure on you, you need to talk to them. In your consultation with them, you will need to outline all of your goals and ask for the benefits, risks and complications that may arise as a result of the treatment.
Typically, at the end of the consultation, Dr. Kole will outline certain measures for you to stay away from and certain things to do before you can be ready to undergo the treatment. Some of the instructions given may be similar to what other patients get and yet there might be some instructions that will change from patient to patient.
Things to do Post Surgery
Once you have undergone the microdermabrasion procedure, you will be given an aftercare regime to follow as well as recovery times. The recovery time is typically given to you by the medical professional beforehand. It highlights how soon you will be able to return to day to day working. In the case of a microdermabrasion, the recovery time is zero. You may be slightly pink though for up to an hour.
The medical professional will talk to you and your care giver about information with regards to post procedure care which includes:

  • Potential complication signs that you might experience
  • Normal symptoms that you may experience
  • Foods that you would have to stay off for the time being (if any)
  • Sleeping position, use of facial creams etc.
  • Need for sunblock

Yet, one of the reasons microdermabrasion stands out as a procedure is because it has very little side effects during recovery time. There may be only traces of swelling or redness on your skin which will go away with time. You may also be given a moisturizer with an SPF to apply to your skin to keep it hydrated.
If you want an esteemed medical professional handling your microdermabrasion treatment, contact Dr. Kole of The Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center today where Dr. Kole will oversee the procedures himself. If you live in the Philadelphia, Bucks County or Montgomery County area and want to see if microdermabrasion is right for you, contact us at www.koleplasticsurgery.com or visit The Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center at [primary_address] Southampton, PA, [primary_state] or by calling 215-315-7655