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Tumescent Liposuction near Philadelphia and Bucks County

Liposuction is a popular blog topic among plastic surgeons, but sometimes the basic concepts get overlooked. For example, many articles omit the infiltration of tumescent fluid from the liposuction technique descriptions. The reality is that any surgical liposuction method you choose will require a tumescent fluid to be injected under the skin. This tumescent fluid contains:

Saline: salt water to act as the vehicle to surround the unwanted fat

Epinephrine: (adrenaline) a naturally occurring chemical to constrict blood vessels

Lidocaine: a local anesthetic for pain relief

Bicarbonate: neutralizes the pH of the solution

This tumescent fluid gets warmed to body temperature and injected under the skin through a small inconspicuous incisions through a small steel rod called an infiltration cannula. This fluid then interacts with the fat that you wish to be removed.


The Basics of Liposuction

After the tumescent fluid is injected under the skin into the fat layer, a short waiting period ensues to allow the fat to react to the fluid. The basic steps of liposuction are:

1.    Infusion of tumescent fluid

2.    Emulsification of the fat by the fluid

3.    Extraction of the unwanted fat

4. Closure of the small access incisions.

The liposuction procedure begins with your comfortable positioning on the operating room table. A small intravenous catheter is inserted and medicines for both relaxation and pain relief. After relaxation, the skin is prepped with an antiseptic solution and a small incision is made to allow the cannula to be placed under the skin to infiltrate the tumescent solution into the fat. The amount of this tumescent fluid is carefully monitored to prevent complications.

Fat extraction.

Fat is removed by extracting it from under the skin. The common fat removal liposuction techniques include:

  • Traditional: the common hollow steel rods that are manually used in a back and forth motion
  • Ultrasonic: uses ultrasonic energy to liquefy fat
  • Power assisted: a vibrating head liquefies fat
  • Laser assisted: laser energy emulsifies fat

No matter which fat removal liposuction technique is used (or combinations of techniques), the result is still the same- removal of unwanted fat. How much fat is ultimately removed varies by patient and the area of liposuction. Neck liposuctions are usually smaller than abdomen or thigh liposuctions. Usually only one suture is used for each access point. These sutures get removed after one week. A compression garment specifically sized and made for the liposuctioned area and is worn for up to two weeks. A patient may then return to normal activities after this time.

For more information on liposuction click here or to schedule a private complimentary consultation with Dr. Kole call the office at 215-315-7655 .

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