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Tummy Tuck and Travel

Cosmetic surgery is exactly what is in its’ name: surgery. Tummy tuck surgery is an elective, invasive procedure that needs to be performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon if you wish to experience the safest and most successful experience and optimal outcome. There has been a tremendous growth with patients going to surgeons in areas outside of their own demographic areas to have tummy tucks performed, in order to heal and not see people they know, during their initial recovery period. Concern comes in with travelling home or travelling too soon after your tummy tuck, for example, to take a vacation and relax.

It is extremely important to remain close by, in order to attend all post-op appointments and address any concerns, if they should arise. There are a lot of trained and qualified surgeons that practice all over the country, although, Kole Plastic Surgery is solely responsible for your care after your tummy tuck. There is no reason to take any unnecessary risks that could affect your immediate well-being and general health. If you are planning to go on vacation after your tummy tuck, Dr. Kole requests about three weeks before leaving the area for an extended car trip or airplane ride. Your body needs the proper amount of time after a tummy tuck in order to heal.

Activities on vacation will affect your health in negative ways. In order to heal properly, avoid complications and remain as safe as possible, Dr. Kole’s patients aren’t permitted to do the following during their recovery and healing period of time:

  • Sunbathing
  • Drink alcohol
  • Swim in a pool
  • Swim in the ocean
  • Snorkel in either the pool or ocean
  • Water ski or use wave runners
  • Parasail
  • Engage in long bus excursions
  • Engage in long walking or climbing excursions
  • Vigorous exercise
  • Smoke cigarettes

During your consultation any important vacation plans should be discussed in advance. It is of great concern if you leave the United States for a vacation to soon after your tummy tuck without being cleared by Dr. Kole. This is solely for your safety. A trip within the United States, after you have been given clearance, is much more comforting, as there are many Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in all cities across the United States if something highly unlikely occurs on your trip. When it is too soon is when you run a small chance of needing a local surgeon who uses different techniques than Dr. Kole, which makes treatment difficult. This could cause the need for a revision surgery if the other plastic surgeons techniques are not as current as Dr. Kole’s.

Don’t ever travel too soon after your tummy tuck procedure outside the country before Dr. Kole determines you are medically safe enough. Being in another country, on an island, and having a problem arise from your tummy tuck is extremely undesirable. You may need to see a cosmetic surgeon and medical qualifications cannot truly be verified? If repair is needed, right then and there, you would need expertise with anesthesia, sterile instruments and surgi-center or hospital. Infection in a foreign location is a scary thought, as well. Play it safe after tummy tuck surgery. Don’t travel anywhere too soon. Follow all aftercare instructions and remember your safety is most important. Car rides and vacations via airplanes will be there for your new youthful figure soon enough.

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