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Tummy Tucks After Weight Loss Surgery

It is more commonplace today, to have patients undergo tummy tuck surgery, medically known as Abdominoplasty, after losing an excessive amount of weight. Patients often lose 100 pounds or more after medical weight loss surgery such as the lap band or gastric bypass bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery shrinks the stomach and assists patients by allowing a smaller amount of food to eaten and be digested because the stomach is much smaller, thus, weight loss is the outcome. It has become a very popular surgery for extremely overweight and medically obese patients.

When people lose enormous amounts of weight, they are left with a large amount of extra sagging skin and irregular pockets of abdominal fat. Despite engaging in cardio and weight lifting exercises, only cosmetic surgery with body contouring can remove excess skin, fat, fatty tissue, tighten stretched muscles and repair what is naturally leftover from a huge amount of weight loss. This is why tummy tucks are a great option for these specific body enhancements. Wanting to look as best as possible is a driving force, after a huge amount of weight loss and after recovery and healing, my patients find that they are even more motivated to keep their weight off and live a healthy lifestyle.

Many patients who opt for tummy tucks after major weight loss or bariatric surgery report they aren’t just having the procedure out of vanity. They want to reduce their risk of skin conditions and infections that occur from folds of skin not being able to breathe. Patients want to feel comfortable in clothes and find clothes that fit properly. Also, the abdominal area of the body can be positioned better and proportioned, as well as its’ symmetry, with excess skin and fat removed and muscles tightened up. This allows for much better control and a natural feel when walking, jogging, swimming and core weight training. Basic, yet, necessary balance needed for most exercises.

Tummy tucks after weight loss surgeries help those patients sustain and continue their weight loss journey. Normally a tummy tuck removes several pounds by removing excess fat, skin, tissue and tightening muscles. The larger amount of extra abdominal tissue taken out during a tummy tuck procedure seems to help those patients who were once obese to keep their weight off. The reason being, patients share is that they feel satisfied with their caloric intake and psychologically love how they look.

Researchers are now looking into theories that abdominal fat cell removal might possibly be responsible for lowered amounts of hormones that control appetite. These hormones are believed to be released by the fatty tissues found in the abdominal area. Makes sense to me! Basically, the patients that have had weight loss surgeries prior to seeing me for their tummy tucks already physiologically feel full when eating meals quicker than many others. Seeking tummy tucks after weight loss surgeries is not slowing down or going away and that is a great sign. Patients who were once extremely overweight or obese wish to enhance and sometimes create their waistline, contours, abs and continue to maintain a healthy weight.

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