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What to Expect from Neck Liposuction at The Kole Plastic Surgery Center in Southampton,Bucks County PA

What to Expect from Neck Liposuction at Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center

If you have excess fat in the chin area or fatty neck bands and desire a more contoured and slimmer neck, you can benefit from neck liposuction.  The best candidates for neck liposuction are patients who have good skin tone and elasticity—sagging neck skin is not addressed with this procedure and is more appropriately addressed by a neck lift.   Double chins, fatty jowls, and bulging necks are all problems that can be addressed with neck liposuction, and Dr. Kole at The Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center has a history of great success and patient satisfaction with this procedure.

Neck liposuction is a relatively quick and easy procedure, and it does not require any hospitalization stay or general anesthesia.  The first step in any cosmetic procedure is consulting with Dr. Kole about the results you are hoping to achieve from the procedure and any concerns you may have.  Once you have elected to get neck liposuction, the pre-operative process includes taking photos of the neck from the front and side, and marking the neck for incision.  Local anesthesia is administered, and the liposuction procedure begins.  Incisions can be made either on the sides of the jaw line behind the earlobes, or directly under the chin—these locations are barely visible and scarring is very minimal.

To begin the procedure, Dr. Kole inserts cannulas, or small tubes, into the marked incisions and tumescent fluid is pumped into the fatty areas.  This fluid consists of a dilute anesthesia solution and saline which breaks down the fat and makes it easier to remove.  Then the fat is suctioned out through the small cannulas.  There are no major nerves or blood vessels in this area of the neck, making the procedure relatively painless and free of complications.  The procedure can remove fat from the chin, jowls, jawline, and neck.

After the procedure is complete, the neck is wrapped in loose gauze bandages and an elastic compression garment.  Patients are recommended to wear the garments for 3-5 days after the procedure or until your post-operative visit with Dr. Kole to reduce swelling and maximize healing and skin retraction and re-draping into the new neck silhouette.  Patients can resume all normal activity within 2 weeks of the procedure.

To learn more about how neck liposuction can benefit you, or to ask questions about the procedure, contact the Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center at 215-315-7655 .

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