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What To Expect When Getting a Male Tummy Tuck?


As with any procedure, medical or cosmetic, it is always best to look up what to expect when you’re actually going to go through it. Cosmetic surgeries like male tummy tucks are low risk surgeries but it’s still best to be aware of the whole process in order to not just speed up recovery but also avoid any unexpected surprises. With a male tummy tuck, you can expect the following things in the pre and post-surgery phases:

Pre-Evaluation Process

Be prepared for a proper evaluation with your chosen Plastic surgeon. A tummy tuck procedure while ideal for flattening the abdomen is not meant for everyone, particularly if there are certain conditions that you do not meet.

For example:

An ideal candidate for successful tummy tucks should be:

  • In good health
  • Has a stable weight that they can maintain
  • Have weak abdominal muscles or excess abdominal skin.
  • Non smokers

On the other hand, a person would be a high-risk candidate for tummy tucks if they:

  • Are looking at a tummy tuck as a weight loss procedure.
  • Have unrealistic expectations
  • Have a serious medical conditions such as a cardiovascular disease, diabetes or some other form of a degenerative disease.
  • Significantly obese or overweight.
  • Are taking aspirin or other blood thinners

Some candidates may be advised to delay their surgeries and recommended methods through which they could slowly improve their mental and physical health in order to make them better candidates and ensure successful results from a tummy tuck surgery.

Post Surgery Process

The pre- evaluation process is not the only one you should expect. Once you’ve undergone the surgery, you can expect Kole Plastic Surgery to give you advice on the following points or more:


It is common to experience bruising around the area of the tummy tuck. While this usually goes away within a week or two, if you chose to combine your tummy tuck with another cosmetic procedure, it may take longer for the bruising to go away.

Limited Mobility

Avoid lifting or handling heavy objects and moving about, particularly any movement that would involve putting pressure on your abdominal area. Heavy objects could indicate any object that weighs around 10 pounds or more.

Leave from Work

To speed up recovery from the procedure, you may be prescribed to take a leave from work for a minimum of two to three weeks. This will allow your body to heal properly, without facing undue stress. Moreover, work requirements could entail having you sit in one place for extended periods of time or handling heavy objects which would greatly hamper and harm your recovery process.

Getting the Professionals

Under the expert hands of a skillful plastic surgeon like Kole Plastic Surgery of The Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center, a tummy tuck can enhance the abdominal muscles as well as give you the flat stomach you’ve always been working for. If you’re looking for an excellent Board Certified plastic surgeon, or have any questions or queries about a male tummy tuck, call us now on 215-315-7655 or contact us by filling out our form online to get a free consultation session. The office and private licensed ambulatory surgical center is located at 1122 Street Rd STE 100 Southampton, PA 18966.

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