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What You Need to Know About Mini Tummy Tuck Recovery

This week we’ve been discussing the differences between a traditional tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck, including which part of the abdomen is affected and what the ultimate outcome of the procedures are. But we haven’t yet talked about mini tummy tuck recovery.

Typical recovery for a mini tummy tuck

After surgery, patients are asked to go home and immediately rest in bedwith their knees bent . Many patients return to work within one week of the operation, though full recovery time lasts from two to four weeks, total. During the beginning of the recovery, patients will often feel soreness and tightness in the abdomen, which should be treated with rest and prescribed pain medication. Patients should contact  Doctor Kole if they experience excessive pain, fever, swelling, or bleeding. For four weeks, patients should not engage in strenuous activity and should wear a compression garment until the swelling subsides.

Typical recovery for a traditional tummy tuck

Since a full tummy tuck is more extensive than a mini tummy tuck, the recovery is similar but longer. Patients may spend a slightly longer time recovering. Many take two weeks off from work and spend up to four weeks wearing a compression garment and avoiding lifting. Soreness and tightness will last longer than with a mini tummy tuck.

Pennsylvania abdominoplasty doctor

If you are considering either type of tummy tuck, consulting with a plastic surgeon in your area is the best way to get more information and learn about your best options for moving forward. Dr. Edward Kole has an office in Southampton, Pennsylvania, and serves the surrounding area. Call him today at 215-315-7655 to schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation.

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