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Dr. Edward S. Kole is one of the best plastic surgeons in the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Kole is one of the relatively few physicians working across the United States of America as a plastic surgeon to proudly be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery Yardley PA, commonly called the ABPS out of simplicity’s sake. Right now, there are just short of only 7,000 board-certified plastic surgeons in operation currently in the United States, setting Dr. Kole aside from the rest of the hundreds of thousands of physicians working throughout the 50 states right now.

What Do Plastic Surgeons Do?

When you think of the phrase “plastic surgeon,” what pops to mind? You most likely think about a doctor who uses plastic – not to mention the oh-so-necessary medications, tools, assistance from other medical professionals, and his extensive base of experience – to fix patients’ problems.

Although this idea is what most people think of when “plastic surgeon” pops to mind, it’s actually not true – well, at least not the primarily using plastic to fix things part.

The Origin of the Term “Plastic Surgeon”

The “plastic” in “plastic surgeon” is derived from Greek word plastikē, which roughly translaxtes into the art of modeling as it refers to shaping human flesh in a malleable way. This obviously wasn’t available when Greek society was at its prime; rather, many words in modern English – not to mention several other languages, as well – are actually derived from Greek, such as plastic surgeon Yardley PA.

Is Plastic Surgery the Same Thing as Cosmetic Surgery?

You’ve certainly heard of these two phrases – but are they the same thing, or do they differ?

We won’t go into a particularly detailed explanation of how plastic and cosmetic surgeries are different, though you should know that the latter type of procedures – cosmetic surgeries – change how patients look with the ultimate goal of boosting patients’ outward appearance substantially, whereas plastic surgery aims to rebuild patients’ bodies so as to make them both appear, at the very least, normal, as well as make them function how human bodies are initially developed to work.

Further, plastic surgery has the central, all-important goal of helping patient’s bodies function as they were designed to – this includes improving range of motion, for example.

Mommy Makeovers Are One of the Newest Types of Plastic Surgery

“Mommy makeovers,” as they’re called, refer to collections of a few types of common plastic surgery procedures that make women’s bodies more aesthetically pleasing.

Since they’re entirely cosmetic in nature and don’t have any real utility in terms of improving kinesthetic function, all procedures under the umbrella of “mommy makeover” are entirely elective, meaning you choose to have them taken care of whenever you want.

These routines usually consist of breast lifts and/or augmentations, tummy tucks, liposuctions, and labiaplasties.

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