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Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center performs facelifts for people living and working in Abington, PA.

What Is a Facelift?

A facelift is designed to eliminate wrinkles, sagging, and other creases caused by aging. The name of the procedure is derived from the most basic approach to the operation itself. The skin is tightened so that its position over the facial tissue rejuvenates your total appearance. Once the adjustments have been made, the result is a smooth appearance that eliminates any problem areas that may have been present. Patients undergoing this procedure do so under general anesthesia or with the aid of intravenous sedatives targeted for the area to be addressed.

How Is a Facelift Performed?

Dr. Kole begins the procedure with an incision that extends from the temple to the front portion of the ear. Once the skin has been raised, the underlying tissue can be surgically tightened. It is also not uncommon for Dr. Kole to remove excess tissue and fat while the incision is open. Once the skin is back in place, the original incisions are sutured. The sutures are performed so that scarring is minimal and will be hidden by the patient’s scalp and hairline.

Why Choose Dr. Kole for a Facelift?

Dr. Kole is the ideal surgeon for any patient considering this procedure in the Abington area. His expertise and history of success with operations allows patients to know that their future is in dedicated and able hands. Dr. Kole is aware of the positive benefits that result from a successful facelift and works closely with patients to ensure they receive the kinds of results they desire. The facelifts being offered by Dr. Kole have proven to reduce or eliminate the effects of stress, age, and prolonged sun exposure. Dr. Kole is also aware of the concerns for men seeking facelifts. Men typically look for results that are slightly different than women. They seek the restoration of angular surfaces that include the jaw line and chin. His experience with meeting the needs of individual clients who are both male and female make Dr. Kole an ideal choice for any Abington resident seeking a facelift.

About Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center

Dr. Kole is a board-certified specialist whose practice has been in operation since 1998. He graduated with honors from the New York School of Osteopathic Medicine in 1991 and has been building personal relationships with patients since opening his private practice. His expertise and success have allowed him to limit his practice exclusively to plastic and reconstructive surgeries.