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The Key Benefits of Sculptra

Sculptra by Kole Plastic Surgery Center

As one of the options available for facial treatments, Sculptra has become exceedingly popular, even surpassing industry favorites like Botox in comparison. Launched in 2009, the substance has an FDA approval and has been used successfully used in various facial procedures to turn back the hand of time, effectively getting rid of wrinkles and facial wasting as well.

If you’re considering getting this treatment for yourself as well, Sculptra will be a good choice for. Apart from getting rid of wrinkles very effectively, it also has the following few benefits that you can enjoy when you opt to use Sculptra for your wrinkles.


Non-invasive means no surgery, indicating that this is an injectable substance, like Botox. This means that not only do you not have to bear with stitches and scars and bruising, you won’t have to spend weeks or months in recovery as well. Sculptra has proven to be an extremely safe procedure and one can walk away from their session without any adverse effects at all.

Boost Production of Collagen

Sculptra works actively with the body to counter wrinkles and facial wastage brought about a loss collagen. Sculptra not only fills in the hollow spaces, it also kick starts the production of collagen in your body all over again by working with your body. Made from poly lactic acid, this substance is also found in the body and is responsible for the production of collagen.

Long lasting

The results that one gets from Sculptra can last you for 2 years or more, based on your condition. This means that you won’t need touchups and won’t have to worry about it for quite some time. In comparison with other modes of skin rejuvenation treatments such as Botox and Voluma, you will have to get another treatment around 3 months after getting it done. This increases the actual cost and upkeep of the treatment since you will have to get it done more frequently.


Made in accordance with industry standards, Sculptra is a synthetic form of poly lactic acid which makes it hypoallergenic. Owing to its synthetic nature, it won’t react negatively with the body since it was crafted completely in a laboratory. While people may tote the goodness of using organic or non-synthetic products, it only increases the risks of the body reacting negatively. With its synthetic build up, it is more readily accepted by the body and does not produce any adverse side effects.

Meant for Patients of HIV and AIDS

The biggest thing about Sculptra is that it was developed for patients who have HIV or AIDS. As their immune system weakens, a person with HIV or AIDS gets a more gaunt appearance. With the help of Sculptra, they can look and appear more healthy, youthful and full of life again. Moreover, with their weakened immune systems, not every substance could work for them. With its hypoallergenic qualities, there is no fear of Sculptra causing a reaction that could harm their lives adversely.

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