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Recent Weight Loss? You Might Want to Consider a Neck Lift

Recent Weight Loss? You Might Want to Consider a Neck Lift

You’ve decided to make changes to your life and your lifestyle. It’s a tough decision with much dedication toward reaching your body and health goals. It’s very commendable and those that reach their desired look should be applauded and feel pride with their appearance and enjoy the many health benefits to a better overall body.

With significant or extreme weight loss, there can been con to the many benefits that lean towards undesirable aesthetic effects which may dampen the overall feelings of working so hard to get to where you want to be.

Obese individuals tend to typically have round faces and heavy necks as a result of carrying excess fat in the face and neck region. When they lose weight, they lose the fullness in the faces and begin to prematurely age. 

While weight loss is a healthy choice for overweight people, it can wreak havoc on the appearance of one’s face. People who lose weight have rings on their necks that contribute to the “turkey waddle” and their cheeks look sunken, causing undesirable and unflattering wrinkles and visible shadows on their face. 

This can lead to distressing feelings for those who lost that weight to become healthier and feel better about themselves, and then end up looking much older than they are. This can cause emotional distress and can ultimately make it more difficult for individuals to be satisfied with their weight loss. Cosmetic surgery can be extremely beneficial in addressing the physical changes related to weight loss. In this case, benefits can be seen with getting a neck lift procedure. 

Dr. Edward Kole of The Kole Plastic Surgery Center specializes in Cervicoplasty,  or Neck Lift, a procedure that removes excess skin from the neck. For patients who have lost weight and fullness in the neck, the stretched neck skin hangs unattractively, contributing to “turkey waddle” and making the face look older than the patient’s actual age. To reduce excess skin, the cervicoplasty will remove a portion of the neck skin so it no longer hangs, making weight-loss patients appear old. 

Additionally, Dr. Kole can restructure the muscle that lies underneath neck skin, pulling it tight again and restoring a youthful look. Depending on the structure and anatomy of each patient’s neck and chin, patients can also opt for liposuction of the neck to get rid of hard-to-loose fat, or can elect a facial implant to make the chin more prominent, showing off their slimmer appearance.

The Kole Plastic Surgery Center acknowledges how difficult it is to maintain large amounts of weight loss, and we are here to support patients in their new healthy lifestyle and their desired aesthetic look by improving some of the adverse side effects that weight loss can produce. 

To find out more about how cosmetic surgery of the neck and other areas can improve sagging skin from weight loss, contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kole at 215-315-7655.

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