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We Come Equipped With A Highly Qualified Surgical Team

That’s right – here at the Kole Plastic Surgery Center, we go into every plastic surgery Abington PA with a full-fledged, four-man, personalized surgical team.

Who’s Apart Of This Plastic Surgeon’s Team?

It should go without saying that our surgical crews always come to every cosmetic surgery operation with Dr. Edward S. Kole in town.

At the Kole Plastic Surgery Center, alongside every patient undergoing one or more procedures at our facility in Southampton, Pennsylvania, a small town home to roughly 16,000 that’s about 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia, is a surgery tech, at least one registered nurse – we determine how many RNs will be present base on what kind of procedure you’re undergoing – and an anesthesiologist to make sure your general anesthesia experience is carried out with absolutely zero hiccups.

Also, just to make sure that every single patient of ours is more informed than the proverbial average bear as far as both cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery Abington PA are concerned.

One Of Our Most Popular Cosmetic Operations Right Now

Sometimes, our bodies seemingly never want to lose those last few pounds we’ve been working for months or years to rid ourselves of. Often times, we end up abandoning our hopes and dreams and ultimately packing that dreaded weight – the same pesky fat accumulations we’ve worked so very diligently to say “goodbye” to once and for all – back onto our stomachs, upper arms, thighs, love handles, and faces.

CoolSculpting is a treatment performed by none other than our in-house, eponymous plastic surgeon Abington PA, Dr. Edward S. Kole. This procedure, known by its scientific name of cryolipolysis, is fully approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for the removal of unsightly pouches of fat on our rear ends, arms, chins, abs, thighs, and flanks – they’re also known as love handles.

One Of The Staples Of Modern Plastic Surgery

When someone receives a rhinoplasty, as you might know, the cosmetic surgery procedure is colloquially called a nose job. As performed by Dr. Edward S. Kole, rhinoplasties can fall under one or even both of the classifications of plastic or cosmetic surgery.

In rhinoplasty procedures, there are three subtypes: rhino-tip, standard, and septo-rhinoplasty.

The first of these fixes only the nostrils and the dorsum, better known as the tip of the nose. Next comes the standard rhinoplasty, which renovates the entirety of the nose. Last up is the septo-rhinoplasty – what a mouthful! – which fixes all of the nose, not to mention fixes patients’ nostrils that are uneven or misplaced due to their septums not growing in correctly.

Kole Has Performed Cosmetic Surgery For A Long Time

Why not trust the most experienced plastic surgeon for your upcoming plastic or cosmetic surgery needs? You can’t go wrong with Dr. Edward Kole’s magic hands at his very own, private Kole Plastic Surgery Center.

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