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Rhinoplasty in Abington, PA

Rhinoplasty is available for residents in Abington, PA, and surrounding areas at Center. What Is Rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty, commonly called a nose job, is a surgical procedure performed for cosmetic reasons to improve the appearance of the nose. It is also performed on patients who may require reconstructive surgery to correct nasal defects due to injury. […]

Facelift in Willow Grove, PA

Center provides facelift procedures to individuals who reside in Willow Grove, PA. What Is a Facelift? Facelifts aim to minimize aging concerns in both the neck and the face. Facelifts decrease the appearance of common aging concerns such as facial drooping, jowls due to the reduction of skin tone, significant creases underneath the eyelids, fat […]

Facelift in Warrington, PA

Center provides facelift surgery for the residents of Warrington, PA. What Is a Facelift? A facelift is a surgical procedure performed by a plastic surgeon to improve visible signs of aging on your face. Facelifts can improve the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of skin tone, drooping eyelids and more, restoring a more youthful […]

Facelift in Warminster, PA

Center provides facelifts for residents of Warminster, PA, and surrounding areas. What Is a Facelift? A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. It involves the smoothing and tightening of the patient’s face and neck and generally relies on removing excess skin in some cases. Most patients who […]

Facelift in Levittown, PA

Because a facelift can be a life-changing decision, it is important to make sure you have the best plastic surgeon to make you feel comfortable and know you are making the best decision for yourself. You want to make sure you look younger, fresher, and less tired without it being too obvious that you have […]

Facelift in Huntingdon Valley, PA

Center performs facelifts for residents of Huntingdon Valley, PA, and surrounding areas. What Is a Facelift? A facelift is a very popular plastic surgery procedure that involves the tightening and smoothing of the face. It is also referred to as a rhytidectomy and can reduce or eliminate the visible effects of aging to both the […]

Facelift in Horsham, PA

For years, Center has been trusted by residents of Horsham, PA, for facelifts and other plastic surgery procedures. From our caring staff to our top-of-the-line facility, we try our hardest to help you feel right at home during your procedure and recovery. What Is a Facelift? A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, can help you […]

Facelift in Doylestown, PA

Facelifts, performed at Center, are available to the residents of Doylestown, PA. What Is a Facelift? As you age, your skin loses elasticity and the skin sags. A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic, surgical procedure performed by a specialist to remove the visible signs of aging such as facial wrinkles, fat deposits, and sagging […]

Facelift in Bensalem, PA

At , we perform facelifts for the residents of Bensalem, PA. What Is a Facelift? A facelift is a cosmetic procedure in which the face is reshaped and enhanced to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and other unsightly blemishes. The procedure is safe, painless, and beneficial to you if you desire a more youthful look. […]

Facelift in Abington, PA

Center performs facelifts for people living and working in Abington, PA. What Is a Facelift? A facelift is designed to eliminate wrinkles, sagging, and other creases caused by aging. The name of the procedure is derived from the most basic approach to the operation itself. The skin is tightened so that its position over the […]

Our Facility

The Kole Plastic Surgery Center is a licensed private plastic surgical center in Southampton, Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has granted this Center a license since opening in March 2005. The Kole Plastic Surgery Center is a completely private center. Dr. Kole is the only surgeon who performs surgery at the center. We limit our practice exclusively to cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

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