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Dr. Kole performs rhinoplasty for residents of Bensalem, PA, at Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center.

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What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” is plastic surgery to correct and reconstruct the shape of the nose. It’s usually done to improve the aesthetic appearance of the area. It can also be done to restore nasal functions and correct a deviated septum.

There are three types of rhinoplasty:

  • Standard: This corrects the bridge, nose tip, and nostrils
  • Septo-rhinoplasty: This is a full nose correction that includes altering a deviated nasal septum.
  • Rhino-tip: This corrects the tip and nostrils.

How Is Rhinoplasty Performed?

Rhinoplasty can take up to two hours and before surgery, you will be given anesthesia. For standard and septo-rhinoplasty, you will receive general anesthesia. If you undergo rhino-tip surgery, you will receive local anesthesia with sedation. Dr. Kole will ensure you are not left with any visible scars regardless of the type of surgery you undergo.

In a standard rhinoplasty, Dr. Kole will make incisions in your nose to allow alteration of the bone structure. If you undergo rhino-tip surgery, Dr. Kole will operate on the nose cartilage to remove or reshape parts of your nose for a desired result.

It is recommended you take 7-14 days off work after rhinoplasty.

Why Choose Dr. Kole for Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Kole has long-standing experience and is one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons for patients in Bensalem, PA. If you don’t like the appearance of your nose and would like to improve how it looks, book an appointment to see him.

About Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center

Dr. Edward Kole has been in private surgery practice since 1998, and Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center has been in operation since 2005. Our licensed private surgical center provides everything you need for your procedure so that you do not have to go to the hospital for the procedure or recovery.