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At Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center, we offer rhinoplasty for the residents of Warrington, PA.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is frequently requested to change the size or shape of the nose for aesthetic reasons. This plastic surgery procedure requires incisions to remove bone, cartilage, or skin to build a new nose bridge or nostrils.

How Is Rhinoplasty Performed?

Most rhinoplasty procedures are planned in advance unless the surgery is required due to a trauma injury. At Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center, we provide a careful evaluation to ensure the patient is healthy and maintains a proper airway during the rhinoplasty procedure. Most incisions are made on the inside of the nose or mouth to avoid visible scars on the patient’s face. After the surgery, patients wear a supportive device to keep the tissues in place as the nose heals.

Why Choose Dr. Kole for Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Kole has double board certification in plastic and reconstructive surgery and general surgery that leads to a positive outcome from a rhinoplasty procedure. Rhinoplasty is a complex operation requiring an understanding of a patient’s airways, blood vessels, and facial structure. Because Dr. Kole has provided plastic surgical procedures since 1998, our facility has a variety of before and after photographs of previous patients.

About Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center

At Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center, we provide rhinoplasty surgeries for the residents of Warrington, PA. Our patients receive excellent preoperative care before undergoing a plastic surgical or skin rejuvenation procedure. Anyone interested in a plastic surgery procedure can contact our office to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Kole. We offer financing options for a variety of plastic surgeries on the body or face.