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Of course when thinking about Mastopexy, the medical term for breast lift surgery, it is typical to be anxious about the recovery steps.  You may be contemplating the breast lift procedure to enhance and renew your body after having children, a large amount of weight loss or to have proper proportion with your figure.  There are numerous questions about Mastopexy healing and recovery.  Each procedure is unique.  Your recovery period will be specific unto you, also.  The more fact-finding you do prior, to your procedure, usually the smoother the results.

The Surgery Is Over

Your surgery will take anywhere from 2—3 hours and performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia with an IV line delivering the anesthesia.  You will be asleep throughout your breast lift procedure.  As soon as surgery is finished you will be taken to the recovery room and closely watched until you fully awaken and recover.  Once deemed safe enough, a responsible driver will be needed to have you safely return home.  Always, it is highly recommended to have a family member stay with you the first 24-48 hours after breast lift surgery.

When sent home you will be wearing a surgical bra that is elastic.  This support bra is for your breasts while healing and to help with movement and decreasing inflammation.  Beneath your surgical bra medical steri-bandages will be over your Mastopexy incisions with disposable gauze.  Your under dressings may be changed as need be, for alleviation, over the first several days of your recovery and you will take it off on the second to third day after surgery in order to take a shower.  A majority of patients find it more comfortable using the support bra 24/7.

Post-Op Recovery for Several Weeks

Normally patients continue wearing their support bra all day and night for comfort and support.  As with all cosmetic surgeries, your extensive work is tailored specific to your own bodily needs and so will your instructions for your medical healing.  All medical conditions are customized specifically for you.  The usual customary to think about follow along these timelines:

  • Sutures come out in 7—10 days if they aren’t dissolvable
  • Showering is permitted 2—3 days after surgery
  • Driving is permitted 5—6 days after surgery
  • Returning to work is usually okay 5 days after surgery
  • Slight discomfort will exist and pain medication is prescribed to use until no longer needed
  • Non-strenuous activity and light exercise is permitted two weeks after surgery; easy walking as soon as it is tolerated
  • Strenuous activity and exercise including lifting is permitted after 4 weeks
  • Listen to your body even though breast lift has one of the quickest recovery periods of all procedures

As with any surgical procedures there are risks that exist.  Even though infection is extremely rare, if patients experience worsening pain, fever or excessive swelling, Dr. Kole needs to be contacted.  Your safety is Dr. Kole’s number one priority.

Remember the importance of avoiding all tobacco products four weeks prior to your breast lift surgery and after, as it impedes healing.  Protect new incisions from the sun and try your best to eat a low-salt, all around healthy diet, as that expedites with fluid retention and swelling.  Following the best tips for healing always helps with your optimal outcome.

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