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You read correctly… yes, Chin Implants.  What is the fuss about and why would anyone want or need a chin implant procedure to enhance their facial appearance.  If you don’t know then you are lucky.  Those patients that are having these surgeries report that they have had a low self-esteem and been unhappy for a period of time.  The medical term for Chin Implant surgery is Mentoplasty.

Mentoplasty is considered chin enhancement.  It is the cosmetic surgery performed for patients who feel and surgeons who diagnose a face in which the chin is barely there, small and almost not in existence.  Chin enhancement implant surgery actually provides a face that is out of balance to become proportioned with other facial features.  With this surgery a patient will have a chin that appears ‘there’.

Current findings have shown that Mentoplasty is one of the most popular aesthetic enhancements in the country.  In order to guarantee an even better satisfying outcome for a patient, it is not uncommon to perform chin implant surgery in conjunction with a nose job, known as Rhinoplasty.  Whether or not the chin implant surgery is performed alone or with a nose job, chin implant surgery will absolutely change one’s profile and patients happily report that their self-esteem is boosted immediately and permanently, as they were so discouraged and down on themselves over an unattractive and embarrassing profile.

Surgery for Chin Implant Enhancement

While in surgery under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, a small incision is put beneath the bottom lip, jaw or sometimes at the inner gum line of the bottom lip.  Silicone solid implants are used and put into place through the small incision.  Once manipulated and in the pre-planned, designated location the incision area is sutured.  A great advantage to going in through the inner gum line is that the sutures are not seen by anyone.    These implants are permanent and built to remain throughout a lifetime.  The intent is for a patient to never need to restore or swap this original with another implant again.

Recovery from Chin Implant Enhancement

Upon post-op recovery time it is normal for the chin to be sore, puffy, mildly painful and discolored.  Medicine to control pain will be prescribed for a specific amount of time and it is advised to follow the directions without skipping doses in order to rest comfortably which will allow for maximum comfort.  Usually the initial recovery period is for seven to ten days.  As with most facial enhancement and rejuvenation cosmetic surgeries all patients must refrain from all strenuous activities and exercising up to two weeks.  Remember the importance, as well, in using a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for all procedures.

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