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Otoplasty for Adults

Otoplasty, the procedure that corrects ear protrusion, is most commonly done for children ages 5-6. By that age, ear growth is usually complete which allows doctors to pin back ears and correct any malformations without having to worry that the child’s ear will grow in the future, reshaping and changing the results of the surgery. At that age, the cartilage in the ear is especially pliable due to the individual’s young age, which makes an otoplasty an excellent procedure to perform on children.

Otoplasty is not, however, exclusively for children. Many adults are plagued by the aesthetic of their protruding or misshapen ears and have elected to get an otoplasty to correct the physical malady that has bothered them for much of their lives. Adult otoplasty is different than child otoplasty, though, in that adult cartilage is much firmer and less pliable. For this reason, it is important to find a plastic surgeon that is confident in his skills in being able to work with ear structures that are less easily shapeable.

Dr. Edward Kole, who has had great success in otoplasty procedures for adults, uses a specific procedure to weaken cartilage around the adult ear in order to correct the protrusion. This surgical procedure uses a combination of cartilage excision, reshaping, and suture plication. Because an adult otoplasty is more complicated, Dr. Kole encourages candidates of this procedure to be in good physical health at the time of the surgery in order to promote proper healing. During your otoplasty consultation, Dr. Kole will discuss with you the ways in which to remain healthy before and after surgery in order to achieve the best results.

For many adult otoplasty candidates in Pennsylvania, the shape, size and position of their ears has been a troubling subject for much of their lives. In fact, many adults coming in for otoplasty have a history of being bullied and made fun of for protruding ears during childhood. For this reason, Dr. Kole and his surgical team understand how important it is to achieve excellent results. Adults who undergo otoplasty at The Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center no longer need to suffer from emotional distress caused by misshapen or protruding ears. Call us at 215-315-7655 for a consultation today!